Helmet Light Shade

Helmet Light Shade,  Maker Unknown,  photographs by Amy Marjoram

In the outside foyer of a guest house, Pakse, Laos.


Repaired Chair

Repaired Chair, Bruce King

Text by Bruce King:

Kitchen Chair

The vinyl and plywood seat usually wears out. This Chair is recycled / modified by fitting a seat made from scrap particle board, MDF or plywood

Check welds before fitting new seat, and fit new plastic tips on the feet.

Assemble and hey presto another chair but with that retro look.


Lights, Bruce King

Text by Bruce King:

Pseudo Planet Lamps

The original Australian Planet Lamps were well made but expensive.

Their real value, second hand is not appreciated.

Imported lamps are of cheaper construction; early imports were mainly metal and hence can be mounted on stands to almost look like a genuine Planet lamp.

Here a variety of stands can be seen made from abandoned expensive office chair bases etc some are fitted with castors and some without. The wide base allows the lamp to be fully extended without falling over.

The vertical tube can be thin wall steel tubing or even copper water pipe.

The bush in the top of the vertical tube to allow the lamp to swivel is made with plum tree wood

tightly fitted into the top of the tube and drilled to suit the diameter of the lamp.


1) Desk light and clipboard on custom welded steel base.

2)Halogen work light, bicycle frame segment, office chair base and adjustable height tubing.

3) Desk light mounted on wheeled office chair base with custom welded stand.

4) Desk light (personally imported from Thailand cira1990) mounted on wheeled office chair base & water pipe.