The Exhibition

60 Mods

1 day to install


1 community hall


1 night of Mod viewing

whilst enjoying

2 buckets of punch.

This required many Mod install methods, as seen in the photos of the exhibition by Charis McKittrick, Keith Wong, Amy Marjoram, Yvette King & Kieran Stewart.

Amongst the more spectacular Mod display tactics combining objects found in the hall with things dragged in for the set up were:

A shelf shoved into a place, made out of a piece of polystyrene found under the stage, two occy straps and some metal rods. That then displayed a delicate concertina artist book.

Ironing board legs screwed to MDF to create a stand for Lou Hubbard’s Beat video, that was then made less wobbly using a rock placed on a piece of red paper so people saw not to knock it out.

A large whiteboard, spun horizontally on its stand and harnessed with rope to form a viewing platform.

Other smaller whiteboard propped in different ways on trestle table legs to form Mod tables.

A wonderfully crazy platform made out of a whiteboard and laboratory scaffolding that was then made more stable through strapping a fold-out bed to it’s base.

Photos were exhibited nailed to dowel that was then jammed under pipes. Other photos were clipped into metal clips extracted from plastic folders.

Clothes hung from broom sticks strapped to air vents.

A fire hose cabinet, a toilet cistern and the slim zone behind the stage backdrop , all displayed Mods.

Ground signage was made using a stencil that was scattered over with builders chalk.

Our installers worked like commandos to come up with many of these fabulously inventive display solutions, and Yvette & Amy in particular thank Kieran Stewart, Kel Glaister, Charis McKittrick & Keith Wong for their Modding.


Mod Off exhibition took place on 13/11/09

We would like to thank all the creators of Mod’s who have shared their work- you are amazing. We also extend the warmest thanks to Father Stan Lim SJ and Lisa Young for lending us St Ignatius Community Hall and supporting our project. We have also had so many people help us with transporting and installing works, lending advice and a million other things- they are Kieran Stewart, Kel Glaister, Keith Wong, Charis McKittrick, Ka-Yin Kwok, Devon Ackermann, Paul Yore, Kiron Robinson and RRR, Elise King, Milena and Bruce King, thanks so much.

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